Nursing Home Pre-Admission Review: Resources for Residents and Families

Before you or a loved one enters a Medicaid-certified nursing facility (nursing home) Council on Aging will conduct a Pre-Admission Review. This review is done so that you have a complete understanding of all your long-term care options - options that may include care in your home or community. If a nursing facility is the best option for your specific needs, we can even help you with some of the paperwork required for admission to the facility of your choice.


What is a Pre-Admission Review?

A Pre-Admission Review helps someone who is considering a move to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility understand all their options for long-term care services - options that may instead allow the individual to receive care in his or her home or community.  

If a nursing home is the best option for an individual, then the Pre-Admission Review Team helps the individual process the necessary paperwork for admission to the facility. County Departments of Job and Family Services can help with Medicaid applications, if applicable. 

Depending on an individual`s personal circumstances, there are three types of Pre-Admission Reviews that may be conducted: 

  1. Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASARR): This screening process determines if an individual needs special services for mental health or developmental disabilities, and identifies the best location for those services to be provided.
  2. Long-term Care Consultations (LTCC): These consultations provide anyone seeking admission to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility with information about options available to meet their long-term care needs and factors to consider when making long-term care decisions.  LTCCs are available at anytime, free of charge, for anyone who is thinking about long-term care options for themselves or a loved one. 
  3. Level of Care (LOC): This process considers a person`s physical, mental and emotional/social well-being to determine the level of care he or she needs, and identifies the types of facilities that can provide that care.  In order to be admitted to a nursing facility, a person must meet an Intermediate or Skilled Level of Care. This process also includes initiation of payment to the nursing facility.

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Who needs a Pre-Admission Review?

State and federal law require that any individual considering nursing home and other types of care services completes a Pre-Admission Review. A Pre-Admission review can be initiated by an individual (or his or her family), hospital staff, nursing facility staff and others. 

Council on Aging`s Pre-Admission Review Team conducts reviews for people living in Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren counties. Area Agencies on Aging across the state of Ohio conduct reviews for people who live in their service areas.

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