Community Transitions

Community Transitions
"It`s a wonderful feeling when you`ve got your privacy and your own place."  After a car crash left him paralyzed, Anthony spent more than 10 years in a nursing home before he was able to move to his own apartment with help from Council on Aging Community Transitions staff.

Council on Aging`s Community Transitions Program restores independence by helping eligible older adults and people with disabilities move from long-term care facilities to home and community settings. Our home- and community-based programs help thousands of people receive the services they need to live independently in their homes and communities. These programs are popular choices for seniors and people with disabilities who want to have more choice and control over the services they receive and the setting in which they receive them.

If you or someone you know is currently in a nursing home, you may be able to live on your own again with the help of in-home services, such as home-delivered meals and transportation. If you no longer have a home to return to, you may even qualify for help in finding and transitioning to a new place.

Services and Benefits

Community Transitions coordinates long-term care and medical services, other community services and benefits, financial assistance and family support. A care manager and/or transition coordinator assists with this process.

The goal is to create a successful transition from a nursing home to a more independent living setting, such as an apartment, group home or assisted living facility. In most cases, clients continue to receive the same services they received in the nursing home (and more). Services are delivered to eligible older and disabled adults through the Elderly Services Program, PASSPORT, Assisted Living Waiver and HOME Choice.

Services to help you live at home include:
  • emergency response system
  • HOME Choice*
  • help managing your medications
  • home-delivered meals
  • housekeeping; laundry
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • personal care
  • transportation
  • care management
  • and more...
*HOME Choice: Provides transition services to help you set up a new home.


Eligibility requirements vary, depending on the program the client enrolls in. In general, COA`s Community Transition Program is available anyone who can move from an institutional (nursing home) setting back into the community via the Elderly Services Program, PASSPORT, Assisted Living Waiver or HOME Choice.

HOME Choice is for a person of any age who:

  • has lived in a long-term care facility for at least 90 days
  • is eligible for Medicaid at least 1 day prior to discharge from the facility
  • has care needs that would otherwise be met only by a long-term care facility

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