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Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority

65 S Market Street
Batavia OH 45103
Phone: (513) 732-6010

Area(s) Served: Clermont County

Contracted Provider: Not Applicable


Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) is a non profit (pseudo-governmental) entity established primarily for the purpose of developing and / or operating affordable housing according to rules established by the state and HUD. CMHA as a public housing authority is established under state law and is eligible to develop and operate public housing.

CMHA public housing provides affordable shelter for low income families either citizens or eligible immigrants.  CMHA’public housing serves mostly very low-income tenants who pay no more than 30 percent of their adjusted income for rent.

CMHA also administers the tenant-based Section 8 program known also as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This section 8 voucher program helps very low income individuals and families rent safe and decent housing on the open market. This program pays the landlord the difference between what the individual/family can afford and the actual rent for the unit. In this program payment is made to the landlord on behalf of the qualified person and is not tied to a subsidized housing project. This form of assistance is portable and stays with the qualified person in the form of a Section 8 certificate or voucher.

CMHA Public Housing Program

CMHA reportedly has 218 projects based assisted housing units which it owns and maintains of which, 82 of such units have been designated for the elderly and disable.

CMHA Senior Housing Options

 CMHA has two complexes in which they own and operated that are designated for senior adults these complexes are:

  1. Bethel Woods in Bethany Ohio
  2. Luewellan Court in Felicity Ohio

 There are a reported total of 13 complexes in Clermont County providing senior housing

CMHA Housing Choice Voucher Program

This is a tenant-based Section 8 program. In this program the qualified household has the responsibility of finding their own housing to rent .Which may include single family homes, townhouses, apartments, duplexes and mobile homes. The program participant can choose any housing that meets the requirements of the program. Such housing is not limited to units located in subsidized housing projects.

 A housing subsidy is paid to the landlord directly by the public housing authority on behalf of the participating individual or family. The individual or family then pays the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by the program. This form of assistance is portable and stays with the qualified person in the form of a Section 8 certificate or voucher allowing the qualified person to move without loss of housing assistance.

Where to Apply

On line at or in person at CMHA.

Waiting List

Interested applicants can contact CMHA to check the current status of the waiting list at any time.

When the waiting list is open county residences are notified of such through various means of public notice such as advertisements in local /regional newspapers including the Community Journal and Clermont Sun. Additionally, pubic and community agencies are also provided notice when the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is open.

Voucher Allocation

Clermont County reportedly receives an allocation of 890 vouchers.

Non Elderly Disable Voucher/ or Other Types of Housing Vouchers Available through CMHA:

Of the reported 890 vouchers allotted to Clermont County 75 are designated as “Mainstream” and are specifically available for individuals with ongoing physical or mental disabilities.

No other types of housing vouchers are reportedly available through the CMHA.

Homeownership Programs

Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority does not administer any home ownership programs.


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