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Friends of Man

PO Box 937
Littleton CO 80160-0937
Phone: 303 798-2342

Area(s) Served: Statewide

Contracted Provider: Not Applicable


Friends of Man

Friends of Man is the charitable arm of the institute for the New Man.  The program provides resources to help people who find themselves in a situation where they have nowhere else to turn.  It may be an elderly person on a fixed income, a working family whose child is struck by severe illness, an accident victim, a disabled person, or a schoolchild whose family can't afford basic needs.

Friends of Man helps people of all ages with a large variety of needs:

  • Mobility Equipment: (prostheses, wheelchairs, van lifts, and modifications, ramps, home modifications)
  • Medical Equipment and Procedures
  • Hearing Aids, Dentures,Glasses
  • Basic Needs: Clothing for Children, Food
  • Short-term Daycare, Prescriptions, Cobra/Health Insurance
  • And More!!
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