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Ohio AIDS/HIV/STD Hotline
Phone: 800-332-2437
Alternate Phone: (800) 750-0750

Area(s) Served: Statewide

Contracted Provider: Not Applicable


Columbus AIDS Task Force has operated the statewide Ohio AIDS/HIV/STD Hotline since 1988. The Hotline offers an opportunity for callers to explore personal HIV, STI and Hepatitis risk behavior, ask questions and/or seek out resources, privately and anonymously. Anonymity is guaranteed so callers feel free to explore the potential impact of HIV, STIs and Hepatitis on their lives. Hotline operators pro¬vide callers with up-to-date and accurate information about many topics including transmission, prevention methods, and testing. Each caller receives individualized attention and the Hotline provides immediate, reliable responses to persons of all ages, nationalities, ethnic groups, and economic status.

The statewide Hotline is also a resource for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and acts as an information and referral service to Ohio residents. It is the largest provider of HIV/AIDS referral information in the state. This includes referrals to counseling and testing sites (CTSs), local health departments and task forces, mental health facilities, medical, legal and dental practitioners, etc.

For individuals with communication disabilities contact the Ohio Relay Service at (800) 750-0750.

The Hotline is staffed by trained volunteers and CATF Prevention and Education staff and operates five days a week: Monday thru Friday, 9am to 7pm.

All calls to the Hotline are free and anonymous.

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