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U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

36 East Seventh Street
Cincinnati OH 45202
Phone: 513-684-3188
Alternate Phone: 877-772-5772

Area(s) Served: Nationwide

Contracted Provider: Not Applicable


Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, like Social Security beneficiaries, are entitled to health care including Medicare options. They do, however, have different ways of applying for these benefits. Retiree`s do not have to take any action unless they are dissatisfied with their current coverage and wish to make a change. The Railroad Retirement Board acts in place of Social Security for its beneficiaries.

  • Railroad retiree`s receive a Medicare number through the Chicago Railroad Retirement Board Office, not Social Security.
  • Part A claims for railroad retirement beneficiaries are sent to Medicare for reimbursement, just as they are for Social Security beneficiaries.
  • Palmetto Government Benefits Administration now processes all Part B medical insurance claims for physicians` services to railroad retiree`s.
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175 Tri County Parkway | Cincinnati, OH 45246 | (513) 721-1025