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Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority

4110 Hamilton-Middletown Rd.
Hamilton OH 45011
Phone: (513) 896-4411

Area(s) Served: Butler County

Contracted Provider: Not Applicable


Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority (BMHA)

Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority (BMHA) is a non profit (pseudo-governmental) entity established primarily for the purpose of developing and /or operating affordable housing according to rules established by the state and HUD. As a public housing authority BMHA is established under state law and is eligible to develop and operate public housing.

Public housing made available through BMHA provides affordable shelter for low income families either citizens or eligible immigrants.  BMHA Public housing serves mostly very low-income tenants who pay no more than 30 percent of their adjusted income for rent.

BMHA also administers the tenant-based Section 8 program currently known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Section 8 vouchers helps very low income individuals and families rent safe and decent housing on the open market. This program pays the landlord the difference between what the individual/family can afford and the actual rent for the unit. In this program payment is made to the landlord on behalf of the qualified person and is not tied to a subsidized housing project. This form of assistance is portable and stays with the qualified person in the form of a Section 8 certificate or voucher.

BMHA Public Housing Program

The Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority owns and maintains apartments within the cities of Hamilton and Middletown. The units range in size from efficiencies to two bedrooms in their high rise communities and two to five bedrooms in their family communities. BMHA also has handicapped accessible units in varying sizes as well as single family homes scattered through out both cities.

The application process typically takes about 3 to 4 weeks.

The applicant is contacted when BMHA has a unit available to schedule an offering appointment, the applicant can accept or refuse the unit. If the applicant accepts the unit then an appointment is made to view the unit with a BMHA inspector. Then another appointment is made to come in and rent the unit, if the applicant in fact chooses to rent the unit.

Any missed appointment is automatically counted as a refusal, which means that the applicant is dropped to the bottom of the waiting list  

Rent is calculated based upon the income of the house hold and cannot exceed 30% of the adjusted gross income. Utilities are provided in some units and utility allowances are provided elsewhere.

All applicants must wait 1 year before reapplying if they were evicted and/or abandoned their BMHA unit.

All applicants currently on parole or probation for any crime are denied housing.

BMHA enforces defined criminal related housing denials some which result in a 5 year wait, a 10 year wait or a denial for life.

BMHA receives funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to maintain and administer the Public Housing Program.

BMHA Housing Choice Voucher Program

Funded by HUD, and formerly known as Section 8, the Housing Choice Voucher Program helps very low income individuals/families rent safe and decent housing on the open market. Individuals/Families find their own housing and pay a portion (not more than 40%) of their own adjust income toward the rent.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program assistance makes up the difference between the Individual /family's contribution and the actual cost of the unit.

Individuals/families can take full advantage of the wide range of housing available choosing the housing that best meets their needs.  Individuals and families can take their subsidies with them should they move. This feature allows low income individuals/families the opportunity to move into healthy, safe and economically stable neighborhoods and to move closer to family and friends.

Waiting List

Typically a waiting list exists for this program. BMHA provides public notice when the waiting list is open, or applicants can contact BMHA at any time to obtain current information about the Housing Choice Voucher Waiting list.

Voucher Allocation

BMHA Housing Choice Voucher Allocation is 996 

Other Types of Housing Voucher Availability:

Non Elderly Disabled Vouchers: BMHA was just recently granted 100 non elderly disable vouchers there intent is to provide these vouchers to those applicants already on their current waiting list.

Tenant Protection Vouchers: BMHA currently has six (6) tenant protection vouchers which are all filled.

BMHA Senior Adult Housing

BMHA does not have housing units specifically designated for senior adults rather interested parties are provided with a listing of available housing in their Hamilton or Middletown locations that are deemed more senior adult oriented because of the units size, typically one bedrooms unit as well as units that are considered handicapped accessible.

BMHA does not have a Home Ownership Program.


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