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What affects your premium?

  • Age: Age is an important factor in long-term care insurance premiums. The older you are when you buy the policy, the higher your premiums will be.
    • Once you`ve bought the policy, the premiums on most policies do not automatically increase because you get older.
    • If you buy at age 65, you`ll always pay the same price as new customers who are 65 years old.
    • But, it`s likely the company will raise the rates for all customers as costs increase.
  • Benefit: How much will the policy pay? Most policies define benefits in terms of the maximum daily benefits and offer numerous choices (e.g. $50, $90, or $120 per day).
  • Inflation Protection and Nonforfeiture of Benefits: These 2 features can make a big difference in LTC insurance premiums.
  • Elimination Period: The premium for a company`s policy with a 100-day elimination period is more affordable than the same policy with a shorter period. Of course, the 100-day elimination period means you`ll be paying for the first 100 days of care yourself. At today`s LTC prices, that could cost you more than $15,000. And if you leave the nursing home within 100 days, such a policy pays nothing.
  • Benefit Period: The "benefit period" tells you how long the policy will pay daily benefits.
    • The benefit period can be as short as one year or as long as "lifetime" (unlimited).
    • Increasing a policy`s benefit period will also increase its price

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