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Types of Housing Vouchers


Housing Choice Vouchers:


  • Funded through HUD
  • Program Administered through Public Housing Authorities (PHAs)
  • Tennant Based Rental Assistance provide in the form of a Certificate or Voucher
  • Is Portable
  • Use on Any Type of Suitable Housing
  • Can Be Used Throughout the US

Housing Choice Homeownership Voucher



  • Funded through HUD
  • Program Administered through Public Housing  Authorities
  • Allows Participants to Purchase a Home by Using their Housing Choice Voucher Subsidy toward the Mortgage for a Specified Period


Tennant Protection Vouchers


  • Special Voucher issued by HUD
  • Program Administered through Public Housing Authorities
  • Used when tenants are required to relocate immediately such as when a tenant based complex burns down

Enhanced Vouchers



  • Funded through HUD
  • For Individuals Residing in Properties that Pull Out of the Section 8 Project Based Programs
  • Provided to Prevent Forced Displacement  of Residents when Property is Converted to Market Rent
  • Enhance Vouchers Make Up the Difference Between Previous Subsidy and the New Market Rate Rent.
  • If Resident Elects to Leave the Property the Voucher Reverts to the Normal Payment Standard for the Area

Non Elderly Disable Vouchers:



  • Funded through HUD
  • May be available through Public  Housing Authorities (PHAs) however, not all PHAs have such vouchers
  • Vouchers are Designated for  Non Elderly People with  Physical or Mental Disabilities
  • Vouchers May be Available Only to Individuals Referred from Designated Agencies serving  Individuals with Disabilities
  • Butler and Clermont County Public Housing Authorities Have Such Vouchers Available
  • Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority Refer to Such Voucher as " "Mainstream" Voucher


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