Disabled Air Travelers Hotline


Phone: (800) 778-4838
Phone Extension: N/A

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The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has a toll-free hotline dedicated to helping air travelers with disabilities understand what to expect, their rights, and address issues involved with wheelchair travel on airplanes.

Wheelchair travelers may call (800) 778-4838 or (800) 455-9880 seven days a week, 24-hours a day to have their questions answered:

  • Learn what to expect when boarding and flying with a wheelchair
  • Find out about airline facilities and accommodations provided for wheelchair travelers
  • Gain an understanding of consumer rights, as well as airline company responsibilities
  • Get real-time assistance with disability-related air travel problems (this includes calling from an airport at the time a problem occurs)
  • The role of the DOT hotline representative is to work with the airlines to facilitate compliance with the DOTs rules for wheelchair travelers. The representative will the offer airlines customer-service solutions help resolve situations as they occur and ensure that disabled travelers` rights are respected.

    In addition, disabled air travelers may call the hotline after a trip to voice a concern or complaint if they were not able to make contact in transit.

    Printed copies of consumer information that details wheelchair travelers rights may be obtained by calling the DOT hotline.

    Before embarking on a trip, travelers are advised to call their air carrier to provide advance notice for wheelchair assistance with boarding and deplaning -- and between connecting flights.