Metro announces changes to program serving seniors and people with disabilities

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Metro Fare Deal smart card
Photo credit: Metro

Metro recently announced changes to its Fare Deal program, a program that offers reduced fares to seniors and people with disabilities.  Changes include:

  • a switch to new “smart cards” effective Jan. 1, 2014
  • an end to phone and mail order Fare Deal stickers (must be purchased in person at the Fare Deal office)
  • a new location for the Fare Deal office - 7000 Montgomery Rd. in Silverton (the Metro/Access Eligibility and Training Center)

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the current Fare Deal card with the magnetic stripe will no longer be accepted by Metro’s fareboxes regardless of the expiration date printed on the swipe card.  Riders must have the new Fare Deal “tap and show” smart card to ride for a reduced fare. 

The new smart cards work the same way as the old cards except riders no longer have to swipe it through the farebox. They simply tap it on the target area and the farebox will “read” the information on a chip inside the card, letting the driver know the card is valid and how much the rider should pay.

The new Fare Deal smart cards will be mailed in December to all Fare Deal customers who have re-certified.  Customers who have not re-certified must complete an application to be considered for continued eligibility and to receive the new Fare Deal smart card. Applications may be completed in person at the Fare Deal office.

Metro will still offer a monthly Fare Deal sticker good for unlimited rides for $38.50. The sticker must be placed on the new smart card and shown to the driver every time the customer rides. Effective Dec. 15, Fare Deal customers must have a valid smart card in order to purchase the monthly stickers.  Stickers will no longer be available for purchase by phone or mail; they must be purchased at the Fare Deal office. 

Fare Deal customers can attend a special open house to learn about the new smart cards. The open houses will be held the week of Dec. 9. Click here for a list of open house dates and locations. 

Metro also announced that the Fare Deal office has moved.  The new office is located at 7000 Montgomery Rd. in Silverton (the Metro/Access Eligibility and Training Center) served by Rt. 4 Silverton-Blue Ash, Rt. 4 Kenwood-Blue Ash and Metro*Plus. 

More information about the Fare Deal program, including applications, is available on the Metro website. Click here for a Fare Deal FAQ. Or call (513) 632-7540 (TDD Ohio Relay Service 800-750-0750).

About the Fare Deal Program 

Metro's Fare Deal program allows eligible riders to obtain a Fare Deal identification card valid for half-price fares on any Metro trip.
Eligible participants include:

  • Adults 65 and older
  • Medicare card holders
  • Riders with disabilities
  • Access card holders

Older adults are automatically eligible at age 65; proof of age is required. Medicare card holders of any age also are automatically eligible.

Riders with disabilities who don't have Medicare and are not 65 must submit an application and be certified to qualify for the program.

Source: Metro Fare Deal website