Switching to one Emergency Response provider yields savings to levy programs

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A massive project is underway to switch nearly 5,000 Elderly Services Program clients to a single provider for Emergency Monitoring Services. The project, which is nearing completion, affects ESP clients in Butler, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren counties.

Because Emergency Monitoring providers offer similar services, Council on Aging decided to seek bids to contract with a single organization in an effort to generate significant cost savings.

This is especially important for the levy-funded Elderly Services Programs where stretching the tax dollars means we can serve more people. As it is, two of the four programs – Clinton and Hamilton counties – have waiting lists because demand is high and funds are limited.

The successful bidder was Guardian Medical Monitoring. Previously, COA was contracting with six Emergency Monitoring providers. Based on current client enrollment levels, the anticipated cost savings over five years is $2.87 million.

“Reducing the size of our provider network is sometimes necessary,” said Council on Aging CEO Suzanne Burke. “As administrator of the levy programs, we have a mantra that we repeat often: our goal is to contract with the highest quality providers at the lowest possible price to serve as many clients as possible with the tax dollars.”

All clients involved in the switch received letters and flyers in advance. Guardian is responsible for installing their new equipment.