MyCare Ohio Updates

Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Our region is now nearly three months into implementation of MyCare Ohio, the state's integrated care delivery system for dual-eligible Ohioans. With the care of more than 100,000 individuals with complex medical, long-term care, and behavioral health needs on the line, everyone is working hard to make the demonstration project a success.

As you may have read in our July newsletter, we have a new role in MyCare Ohio. We have contracts with our region’s MyCare health plans – Aetna and Molina – to provide care management and/or waiver service coordinator services for MyCare Ohio consumers who are enrolled in a waiver program. Click here to read more about our role.

Though our role has changed, we are doing our best to share information with the rest of the provider network as we receive it.

  1. We've created a special page on our website for providers who serve MyCare Ohio consumers. The page includes information about the two health plans serving our region (including contact information and provider training opportunities), Council on Aging's limited role in MyCare Ohio, and who to contact to report persistent problems with the MyCare Ohio system. 
  2. We have also sent MyCare Ohio updates directly to our provider network and to providers and stakeholders who have signed up via our website to receive MyCare Ohio updates. To date, more than 600 stakeholders have signed up to receive these updates.

Within the last week, we have posted several documents to the provider webpage, including:

  • a table outlining and comparing Council on Aging’s roles and responsibilities in MyCare Ohio, the traditional waiver programs (PASSPORT, Assisted Living, Ohio Home Care) and the county Elderly Services Programs; 
  • a provider bulletin from Molina containing important information about transitions of care (TOC) time periods and upcoming face-to-fact claims submission training; 
  • and updated health plan provider contact information.

As implementation continues, we will continue to update the provider webpage and send out updates as appropriate. We will also share updates through our newsletter. Please visit the webpage and sign up to receive updates.