Team Educator Program wins national recognition

Thursday, February 12, 2015

COA's Team Educator Program was devised and is led by Kim Hotel (right) and Sandy McCabe, Talent Development Specialists for COA's Human Resources and Training department.

An innovative COA program designed to train and mentor staff through complex and rapid change has won a national award.

COA’s Team Educator Program is a Top Ten Finalist in the Leadership 500 Excellence Awards Program (Midsize Company Category). The program will be recognized at the LEAD2015 event in March. LEAD2015 is a two-day leadership forum featuring stories from 22 world thought leaders, including keynote speaker President Bill Clinton. The forum is streamed live from Dallas to hundreds of remote host sites internationally.

The program was devised by Human Resources Business Partner John Jones; Vice President of Human Resources and Training, Jacqueline Hutsell; and Training Development Specialist Sandra McCabe. It is currently managed by McCabe and Talent Development Specialist Kim Hotel.  The program grew out of a need to change the workforce culture in order to better position COA in its increasingly competitive market.

Team Educators support COA’s workforce model which is based on self-directed teams. The model is an innovation that has empowered staff, generated solutions, provided career-advancement opportunities, and improved care management, according to Jacqueline Hutsell, Vice President of Human Resources and Training (HR&T). To support the teams, HR&T has greatly improved its programs for new hire orientation, onboarding, and staff training.

The role of Team Educator, which has an application and training process, has fostered individuals’ professional development, but also established an efficient method for training teams on complex initiatives, such as Ohio’s new Integrated Care Delivery System for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries.

“The collaboration and exchange of knowledge have been tremendous,” Hutsell said. “And the model continues to evolve.”

“Team Educators work very hard and are essential to the operations of self-directed teams,” McCabe said. “Managers have been wonderful in allowing the development of their staff in these roles and have come to rely on the expertise and knowledge of the Team Educators.”

COA’s current Team Educators are: Kim Alexander, Christy Bacon, Pam Baden, Candy Bottoms, Phyllis Clemons, Kari Clore, Melita Ellington, Cassie Grubb, Heather Hetzer, Laura Hoffman, Laurie Huffner, Sylvia Johnson, Nicole Jones, Bronwyn Julian, Heather Junker, Mary Kirsch, Diane Littleton, LaTricia Long, Anna Lorenzen, Kim McCarter, Mallory McKinley, Katie Moore, LuAnn Monnig, Carri Mosier, Heidi Overwine, Keith Reed, Steven Reed, Monica Schulze, Allison Theile, Lishelle Washington, Christi Whittaker, and Diana Wilcox.