Introducing: Ohio Benefits Long-term Care

Thursday, April 16, 2015

To make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities to access long-term care services, Ohio is developing a “single entry point” system. Called Ohio Benefits Long-term Care, the system will launch July 1 and will feature:

  • A website and statewide toll-free number that connects people to the single entry point (SEP) in their area (COA will be the lead SEP in southwestern Ohio. Additional organizations will also serve as SEPs)
  • Streamlined eligibility and enrollment processes, including core standardized assessments. 

Goals of Ohio Benefits Long-term Care are:

  • Ensure that people who need long-term care have more options to receive services at home
  • Break down barriers to better link people to information about home and community-based alternatives to institutional care
  • Improve system performance
  • Improve quality measurement and oversight.

Ohio Benefits Long-term Care is being developed by the Ohio Department of Medicaid. It is part of a federally-funded incentive program to improve access to home and community-based services while balancing Medicaid spending on long-term care.

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