New Healthy U workshops start March 1

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Healthy U
The Ohio Department of Aging visited COA on Feb. 18 to tape a promotional video for Healthy U.  COA's Healthy U coordinator, Elaine Hordes (left), Dr. Shari Altum, Health Behavior Coordinator at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, and Scott Page, Peer Specialist/Health Coach at the VA Medical Center, were interviewed for the video. A local Healthy U participant (not pictured) was also interviewed.

If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis, you probably already know what you need to do for a healthy lifestyle. But maybe, you don’t always do what you know you should.

Healthy-U is here to help. Developed by researchers at Stanford University in California, the program has small-group workshops throughout Ohio and has been proven successful at helping adults gain confidence in their ability to manage their symptoms and understand how their health problems affect their lives.

Participants meet once a week over 6 weeks to work with each other and a pair of trained facilitators to find (non-medical) ways to overcome the daily challenges brought on by chronic health conditions - fatigue, pain, isolation, confusion about medications, and worries about out-of-pocket medical costs. A key factor in Healthy U is peer support. Even the leaders live with chronic diseases themselves.

The program is for anyone with a chronic health condition. Caregivers are also welcome. There is a special Healthy U workshop for people with diabetes – although they can attend regular Healthy U workshops as well.

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio coordinates the Healthy U classes. Workshops are also sponsored for veterans by the VA Medical Center.

A new round of winter classes begin March 1 at various locations in Hamilton County. For details, visit the events page on Council on Aging’s website, events page.

The Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) has been traveling the state, interviewing Healthy U participants and facilitators, and filming workshops to create a promotional video about the program. The video will be used on the department’s website and social media sites.  The ODA team stopped by Council on Aging on February 18 to interview COA’s Healthy U coordinator, Elaine Hordes, as well as representatives from the Cincinnati VA Medical Center’s Healthy U team, and a local Healthy U participant.