Assisted Living Waiver

Assisted Living Waiver
Assisted Living Waiver client Marian, with her daughter Carol

The Assisted Living Waiver program gives Medicaid-eligible adults the opportunity to live in an approved assisted living facility. It is an alternative for people who need long term care, but not a nursing home. Assisted living offers residents more independence, privacy, opportunities for social interaction, and services more tailored to their needs.

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is the Assisted Living Waiver program administrator responsible for participant assessment, case management and contract management with facility providers in Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren counties.

Services and Benefits

Assisted Living and the Assisted Living Waiver, is an attractive alternative for people who need long-term care, but not necessarily in a nursing home.

Privacy and independence are key features of the Assisted Living Waiver. Facilities provide private, single-occupancy apartments with a private bathroom and space for socialization. In addition to private living space, two types of services are provided: 1) assisted living services and 2) community transition services. Clients also have a care manager from Council on Aging.

  1. Assisted Living Services
    Services include: 24 hour on-site response, personal care (grooming and bathing), homemaking (housekeeping, laundry and maintenance), nursing, non-medical scheduled transportation, three meals per day, and social/recreational programming.
  2. Community Transition Service
    This service is available to clients who are leaving a nursing facility to enroll in the Assisted Living Waiver. It helps them purchase essential household furnishings and other items they might have given up when they moved into the nursing facility.

Care Manager
A care manager is an advocate for his or her clients and has their best interests at heart. Care managers answer questions, make sure their clients have the right services and coordinate the care they receive at the assisted living facility.

Assisted Living Facilities
Only Ohio licensed residential care facilities that offer private living units (one person per room, unless otherwise requested) with full, private baths, can offer this program. Click here to search Council on Aging`s Resource Directory and Housing Database for Assisted Living Waiver facilities in Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren counties. You can also get help over the phone by calling (513) 721-1025 or 800-252-0155.



The Assisted Living Waiver provides another long-term care option for low-income, disabled adults who want to live independently but who need caregiving and financial assistance.

In order to be eligible for the Assisted Living Waiver you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age 21 or older
  • Meet the financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility (low-income)
  • In need of skilled or intermediate care: hands-on help with dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, eating or mobility.

A Council on Aging registered nurse or licensed social worker will meet with you to determine your eligibility.

If you qualify, Council on Aging staff will develop an individual care plan for you, your family and the staff at the assisted living facility where you`ll be living.



You must be eligible for Medicaid to participate in this program.  Ohio`s Medicaid program pays for the cost of care in an assisted living facility, enabling the client to use his or her resources to cover room and board expenses, plus retain $50 per month as a living allowance.   Depending on the client`s income, a co-payment may also be required.

How To Enroll

To determine if you are eligible for the Assisted Living Waiver, please call Council on Aging at (513) 721-1025.

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