Programs & Services

Independence. It means something different for everyone. But most of us would like to be as independent as possible, for as long as possible – even if we are aging or have a chronic health condition or disability.

  • Independence may mean you would like to stay in your home (or a caregiver’s home) for as long as possible, even if you need help cooking, getting to a doctor’s appointment, taking your medication or bathing.
  • It may mean moving to an assisted living community, where you can have meals, socialize and get extra support if needed, but still have your privacy.
  • Independence may be freedom from the physical, emotional or financial strain of a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis. It may be having the confidence to do the things you enjoy, without the fear of falling.

Programs and services administered by Council on Aging can help with whatever independence means to you. Through a number of publicly-funded programs, we offer services that promote independence, dignity, and health and safety for people of all ages and income levels throughout our five-county service area (Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Warren counties).

Additionally, we offer free support, advice and consultation for family and volunteer caregivers, and operate a call center through which anyone can access unbiased information, advice and referral on any topic related to aging, disability services or caregiving.