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When your members, employees or customers have questions about aging-related issues, where should you turn for answers?

Your first call should be to your Area Agency on Aging. In our area, that`s us - Council on Aging (COA).

Through COA`s Speakers Bureau, we can provide information on a variety of topics of interest to seniors, people with disabilities, caregivers, families and professionals - all in a format tailored to meet your specific needs.

What We Offer

COA's Speakers Bureau is available to any business or community organization interested in learning about issues relating to aging, disabilities, long-term care services and supports, caregiving, long-term care planning, and more.  

Our Speakers Bureau includes COA staff and other community partners and experts who help us provide information on a variety of issues and topics.  As a public service, if a COA is unable to provide a speaker on a specific topic, we will work to help you identify a community partner that is more suited to your needs and audience.  

  1. Presentations: More than a PowerPoint; we'll share personal stories and real life problems and solutions from people who understand the daily challenges faced by older adults and people with disabilities. 
  2. Events: Does your event audience need information about in-home and community-based services for caregivers, seniors or people with disabilities? Our Speakers Bureau volunteers will do more than stand behind an information booth. They will engage your audience, answer questions about available services, and make referrals when appropriate. 
  3. Information and answers on aging and independence: We produce fact sheets, brochures and other literature that describe our programs and services, share our clients` stories, and call people to action. Call or visit us online for a list of available materials and then let us know what you need for your event or organization.


Non-Profit, Religious, Government and Community Organizations: COA's Speakers Bureau is a free service.  However, it takes considerable time and resources to prepare for each event, so donations are welcome (see instructions below under For-Profit Businesses). We also ask that you acknowledge and support our efforts by following the requirements listed below. 

For-Profit Businesses and Organizations: It takes considerable time and resources to prepare for each event. Please follow the requirements listed below, including completing and submitting a request form.  If you are pleased with the level of service and information you receive through our Speakers Bureau, we would appreciate a donation from your business or organization. Donations of any amount can be made securely via Paypal on our Donation page OR you may give a check to your speaker. Make the check payable to Council on Aging. Thank you!


Due to staffing and other factors, Council on Aging is not able to fill all requests. Because of the amount of requests we receive, we must consider things such as date/time/location of event, audience type and size, and staff availability.

For your request to be considered, we ask the following:

  • Complete the Speakers Bureau request form.
  • Provide at least 30 days notice for your event/speaker request.
  • For speaker requests, the audience must include at least 30 people. We may make exceptions in special situations, but in most cases, speaking to larger groups makes the best use of our resources. If your group is small, please consider collaborating with another organization to bring in a larger audience.  For evening or weekend presentations, the audience must include at least 100 people.
  • For events, at least 100 people must be in attendance. Event must be advertised (online, through local newspaper, fliers, etc.) and open to the public. For evening or weekend events, the audience must include at least 500 people. 
  • In general, we are best able to accomodate events and presentations that are scheduled during nornal business hours, Monday-Friday.  Our weekend availabilty is very limited and is reserved for large groups and events (100 or more people for a presentation; 500 or more people for an event). 

Helpful Tips:

We commonly receive requests for speakers from local churches, senior groups, and senior apartment buildings (through Service Coordinators) but many times we are unable to fill the request because the above noted requirements cannot be met. The following tips can be helpful when requesting speakers from Council on Aging:

  • Schedule the presentation several months in advance. Our calendar fills up fast and this gives us plenty of time to find an appropriate speaker.  It also gives your group time to promote the presentation amongst your members, congregation and/or the surrounding community. We would be happy to provide fliers and newsletter articles to help you attract the biggest audience.
  • Invite the entire congregation (not just the Senior Ministry), neighboring churches, community groups, businesses, etc. 
  • Schedule the presentation during a time when a group is already gathering (ie: during a regularly scheduled meeting or activity that draws a good crowd).


Available Topics*

Council on Aging Programs
What help is available for seniors, people with disabilities and caregivers in our community? Learn about the breadth of services available to seniors, people with disabilities and caregivers in our community.  You will learn about Ohio's Aging Network, including the role of your Area Agency on Aging; the importance of planning for long-term care; long-term care costs and payment options; affordable programs that help seniors and people with disabilities remain independent in their homes and communities; support for family caregivers; and programs that help people transition from one care setting to another. 

Caregiver stress; caring for aging parents and yourself; care techniques and tips for caregivers; planning for care; balancing work/life with caregiving responsibilities

Health and Wellness
Fall prevention; Tai Chi; eye sight; diabetes; Alzheimer`s Disease and dementia; nutrition; maintaining an active lifestyle; medication management; housekeeping/hoarding

Other Aging Issues and Topics
Medicare; driving; elder law; choosing a nursing home; elder abuse/neglect; long-term care insurance; financial and estate planning; end of life and funeral planning; emergency preparedness

Topics and format can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

*COA staff are not qualified to speak as experts on all of the above listed topics.  As a result, your request may be referred to a local business or organization with a subject matter expert available to meet your needs.  We may have another organization contact you about your request, or we may provide a list of local resources for you to contact on your own.  We will do our best to ensure your needs are met, but COA is not responsible for the content or quality of information provided by other organizations. 

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