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Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR)

A Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order is a physician`s written order instructing health care providers not to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in case of cardiac or respiratory arrest. Ohio`s DNR law relieves emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and other medical professionals and facilities of their duty to resuscitate a person if that person has DNR identification or a DNR order, provided that withholding or withdrawal of CPR is in accordance with the Ohio Department of Health`s (ODH) do-not-resuscitate protocol. This Do-Not-Resuscitate order would go along with the individual`s Living Will.

Click here for a fact sheet about Ohio`s DNR from ProSeniors.

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National Healthcare Decisions Day

Phone: N/A
Phone Extension: N/A
Area(s) Served: Nationwide Contracted Provider: Not Applicable
Description:   This website provides access to helpful information and forms to help individuals and families in planning for their healthcare needs and wishes.  Mission National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) exists to inspire, educate and empower t... read more
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Ohio State Bar Association

1700 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus , OH  43204
Phone: 800-282-6556
Phone Extension:
Area(s) Served: Statewide Contracted Provider: Not Applicable
Description:   The OSBA provides a great deal of general information about all aspects of the law for members of the public, including handbooks, pamphlets, newspaper columns, programs, and information about attorneys. This information is offered free of charge and... read more

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