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Legal Relationships

Legal Relationships

Legal relationships recognized in a court of law are adoption, guardianship, certification as a foster parent, and powers of attorney. Custody agreements vary depending on how much a grandparent wants to be involved in a child`s care. It is important for grandparents to understand the legal and financial implications of these relationships:

  • Adoption means all rights and obligations of the child`s parents are terminated. This is often a difficult decision because grandparents must acknowledge their son or daughter is an unfit parent.
  • Guardianship may be either permanent or temporary.
  • Certification as a foster parent qualifies the grandparent for financial benefits on a level with other foster parents.
  • Powers of attorney allow grandparents to make decisions regarding the grandchildren, but they do not transfer legal custody.

Information is from the Senior Series, The Ohio Department of Aging, and The Ohio State University Extension.

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HB 130 Grandparent Power of Attorney and Caregiver Affidavit Forms

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Description:   HB 130 Grandparent Power of Attorney and Caregiver Affidavit forms HB 130 created legal documentation to assist¬†Grandparent Caregivers that have physical custody of their grandchildren, but not judicially awarded custody.¬† When pro... read more
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National Healthcare Decisions Day

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Description:   This website provides access to helpful information and forms to help individuals and families in planning for their healthcare needs and wishes.  Mission National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) exists to inspire, educate and empower t... read more

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