Becoming an Assisted Living Waiver Provider

Demand is high for facilities offering the Assisted Living Waiver. In fact, many seniors in our area who are eligible for the ALW are on a waiting list while new providers join the program and make more beds available. 

Your facility has the opportunity to join others across the state and the U.S. in providing independence and long-term care choices for Medicaid-eligible seniors and disabled adults. Your participation demonstrates your support for our community`s most vulnerable residents.  It also shows your commitment to long-time residents of your facility who may have spent down their financial resources and become eligibile for Medicaid. 

Eligible Facilities

Any Ohio licensed residential care facility that offers private living units (one person per room) with full, private baths, can apply to become a certified assisted living provider.

Become a Provider

Once a facility is certified, COA will begin referring eligible clients. Each facility has the right to decline a referral.



Reimbursement Rates

The provider reimbursement rate is divided into two parts:

  1. monthly room and board costs based on the current Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit rate, minus a $50 living allowance, paid directly to the provider by the client; and
  2. a monthly reimbursement for assisted living services, paid by the Medicaid waiver. 

Please contact us for more information.


Which consumers/residents are eligible for this program?

To qualify for the program, participants must:

  • Be age 21 or older
  • Meet the financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility (low-income) and be able to pay monthly room and board
  • Be in need of skilled or intermediate care: hands-on help with dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, eating or mobility.

Click here to read an Assisted Living Waiver client story.

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