Information for Current PASSPORT and Assisted Living Providers

This section contains important information for providers currently contracted for PASSPORT services with Council on Aging.

Provider/COA Relations

In addition to serving COA clients, COA and its contracted providers work together on community initiatives designed to enhance the lives of older adults. These include emergency preparedness, advocacy, and projects related to health, wellness, safety, and transportation.


If you are an existing Community-Based Long-Term Care Provider (PASSPORT or Assisted Living Waiver) operating outside of our five-county area and you wish to expand into our area, you must contact the Provider Services Department at

Provider Changes

Current providers experiencing a major change in the agency’s information should immediately notify COA’s Chief Executive Officer in writing. Major changes would include, but are not limited to:

  • Agency name change
  • Change in federal tax ID number
  • Change in ownership
  • Change in legal structure
  • Purchase by another entity
  • A request to discontinue providing any service
  • And/or a request to discontinue providing services in a specific geographic area

Provider Resources

The Council on Aging logos shown below are available for our contracted providers to use on their websites or print materials. Click on the preferred format (GIF or JPG) for one of the logos below. When the logo opens in a new window, right click on the image and select “Save As.”

COA 2020 black logo

COA 2020 4 Color Logo

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) guidance for PASSPORT certified providers

The Division for Community Living has created a guidance document to aid providers in all the stages of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). It provides answers to frequently asked question, visual aids, and contact information. The guidance document can be found here.

In addition, The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is excited to announce a new Zendesk Ticket Portal for the EVV program. Providers, alternate vendors and any other users who communicate with Sandata and the ODM EVV team will use the new portal. Current communication options for reaching Sandata and ODM are not being removed.

The Zendesk Ticket Portal provides a single location for users to view current and past tickets submitted to the EVV Provider Hotline. Additionally, all questions and emails sent to ODM will go to the Zendesk portal; this means a user can review all their inquiries in one location. Users will now use the new portal to submit a new ticket or inquiry to Sandata and ODM. All Ohio EVV program users, including Alternate EVV system vendors, have access to the Zendesk Ticket Portal. Google Chrome is the preferred browser when accessing the ticket portal.

Users can begin to use the new Zendesk email ( for any questions relating to EVV.

In addition to addressing inquiries, the Zendesk portal links to the Sandata EVV Knowledge Center where users can find valuable information, such as:

  • Getting Started Tips
  • Product User Guides
  • Training Videos
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Release Notes

For directions on logging into the portal and how to use, click below:

How To Log On To The Sandata Ticket Portal
How To Use The Sandata Ticket Portal

To acquaint users with the new portal, Sandata and ODM are offering introductory webinars in June. Registration links for the webinars are below:

Webinar Date/Time Registration Link
Zendesk Ticket Portal Wednesday, 6/9/21 at 12:30 pm EST
Zendesk Ticket Portal Wednesday, 6/23/21 at 2:30 pm EST 26527919888

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) continues to offer providers the opportunity for more personalized Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system training and an EVV account review. This is a great opportunity for providers to work one-on-one with a Sandata EVV representative to review how to use EVV, or how to improve on issues related to EVV claims matching. Providers who have completed a one on one session have let ODM know they feel more confident in maintaining their visits. If you would like to work with an EVV Sandata representative in a one-on-one call, please visit the calendar of available dates and times to sign up, here:

If you click on the link and there are no available sessions, please check back again soon. They are continuously opening up more sessions. Google Chrome is the preferred browser when accessing the calendar.

Rules and Service Specifications for PASSPORT and Assisted Living

Conditions of Participation

PASSPORT and Assisted Living (effective July 1, 2016)

Database Review and Criminal Records Check

For PASSPORT Background Checks, click here.

For Assisted Living Criminal Records Checks, click here.

PASSPORT Code of Ethics 

Service Specifications