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Friday, January 19, 2018

Public Notice: Heightened Scrutiny Packages for Prospective Assisted Living Waiver Providers

Public Notice and Request for Comment
Pursuant to the provision of title 42 Sections 441.301 and 441.304 of the Code of Federal Regulations, public notices are required for any of the following: new 1915(c) waiver, new 1915(i) state plan amendment, renewal of a 1915(c) waiver, and any amendment to a 1915(c) waiver that includes one or more substantive changes.

Public Notice: Heightened Scrutiny Packages for Prospective Assisted Living Waiver Providers

Post Date - 1/19/2018
End Date - 2/19/2018

Purpose: The purpose of this posting is to provide public notice and receive comments on three assisted living setting settings being submitted to CMS for heightened scrutiny review. The settings are new providers seeking ODA-certification to furnish the Medicaid assisted living service. The state has determined there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate these settings possess the required home and community-based characteristics and do not have institutional qualities.

Initiative/Amendment: Assisted Living Settings: Heightened Scrutiny Packages.

A non-electronic copy of the Heightened Scrutiny Packages may be obtained by calling 1-855-926-0994.

Comments must be submitted by midnight of the comment period end date using one of the following options:

  • E-mail:
  • Written comments sent to: Attn: Heightened Scrutiny Package, Ohio Department of Aging, 1st Floor, Attn: Division for Community Living
  • 246 North High Street, 1st floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215
  • Fax: 614-466-9812 (please include Attn. Heightened Scrutiny Packages in the subject line)
  • Calling toll-free to leave a voicemail message at: 1-855-926-0994.
  • Courier or in-person submission to: Attn: Department of Aging, 246 North High Street, 1st floor, Columbus OH 43215.

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