Article highlights success of Care Transitions

Friday, September 12, 2014

Danielle Amrine and Ken Wilson
Click here to hear audio from the interview with Danielle Amrine and Ken Wilson

COA's Care Transitions program was recently included in an article by Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) on enterprising ways to ensure care for the aging.  Click here to read the article and learn more about Care Transitions and other innovative programs across the US.  Click here to listen to the interview. 

Care Transitions is a  health coaching and intervention program in Greater Cincinnati for older adults who have been hospitalized for serious and usually chronic conditions, such as heart failure. The program is a free Medicare benefit available to patients at nine participating area hospitals. The goal is to prevent uncessary and costly hospital readmissions.

Danielle Amrine, MSW, LSW, COA's program operations manager in training, and Ken Wilson, COA's director of program operations, were interviewed for the story. Along with details about how the program works, Danielle and Ken shared proof of Care Transition's success.  The 30-day readmission rate for patients who successfully complete the program is around 12 percent. The national average for Medicare fee-for-service patients is closer to 21 percent.