Openings available in Clinton County Elderly Services Program for eligible seniors

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clinton County ESP staff
Clinton County ESP staff in the Wilmington office

Clinton County seniors who are eligible for the Elderly Services Program (ESP) no longer have to go onto a waiting list. Seniors who inquire about the program are able to be assessed and, if eligible, may be quickly enrolled in the program.

The program has had a waiting list since 2009 because it could not enroll more people than could be served within the budget set by the county senior services tax levy. When Council on Aging assumed responsibility for care management of the Clinton County Elderly Services Program in February, 2014, the program had a waiting list of 85 people, some of whom had been on the list for as long as 18 months. Among those on the list at that time were individuals with serious conditions such as dementia, cancer, and paralysis from stroke.

At the same time, new names were being added regularly as people have called or visited the office to ask about the program over the past year.

Jeanne Wallman, COA Manager of the Clinton County Elderly Services Program, credits the staff at COA’s office in Wilmington for their effort and commitment to helping those who had been waiting get the help they need.

“There are people on the staff in this office who live in the area,” said Wallman, herself a Wilmington native, “and they are very devoted to making sure their neighbors get the services they need.”

COA addressed the waiting list by contacting those who had been waiting. We removed people who, for various reasons, no longer needed the Elderly Services Program. In addition, we referred eligible seniors to other programs such as PASSPORT and MyCare Ohio.

The staff at the Clinton County office then committed themselves to assessing those left on the list and enrolling them in ESP as soon as space became available. COA temporarily assigned a staff member from another program to help speed up the assessment and enrollment process.

According to Wallman, the hard work means more than the elimination of the original waiting list; it means that, as of now, there is no wait for the program. That can change because there is a limit to the number of people the program is funded to serve. However, Wallman said, “Those who call or walk in today can be scheduled for an assessment as early as the next day.”

COA’s Clinton County office is located at 2241 Rombach Avenue and can be contacted at 855-800-7980 or