Launch of Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care postponed

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has postponed the official launch date for Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care (OBLTC) until sometime after August. This will allow enough time to test the state’s new comprehensive assessment system, known as LOTISS, and to train users to master the system.

ODM will continue to distribute a newsletter about OBLTC which can be forwarded to stakeholders. The second newsletter came out recently highlighting the main points of the OBLTC initiative, which is Ohio’s new single entry point system (“no wrong door”) for accessing long-term care services and supports.

This month’s Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care Newsletter includes the following information:

  • Update on the OBLTC timeline
  • Detailed information about some of the structural changes that the state is making to its long-term care system 
  • What is a Single Entry Point Agency?
  • Information and Referral website
  • Toll-free phone number

Please share this information, including the newsletter, with other individuals or stakeholders as appropriate.

Any questions about this newsletter or the information provided should be directed to the Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care Communications team at

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