Transitions Carve-Out Waiver ends June 30

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ohio will phase-out and end the Transitions Carve-Out Waiver (TCOW) program by June 30. The Transitions Carve-Out Waiver served individuals enrolled in the Ohio Home Care Waiver who turned 60 and were no longer eligible for the program. The Ohio Home Care Waiver serves eligible individuals age 59 and younger.

The end of TCOW is part of an overall plan to simplify individuals' access to Medicaid services and create greater efficiencies within Ohio's home and community-based services delivery system.

Individuals who are enrolled in TCOW are being transitioned to the PASSPORT waiver. PASSPORT offers similar services to the Ohio Home Care Waiver but serves eligible adults age 60 and older. The transition will conclude on June 30, 2015. Council on Aging expects to have approximately 130 individuals transition to PASSPORT as a result of this change.