Action Needed: Contact Ohio legislators about MyCare Ohio independent review panel

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Council on Aging is sharing this MyCare Ohio Advocacy Alert from UHCAN Ohio

Everyone Knows MyCare Ohio Has Problems - We Need an Independent Evaluation of MyCare Ohio Now to Fix Them!

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It’s no secret. We know from enrollees and providers that many people have experienced problems, and continue to do so, from processes and systems that don’t work. But we have no idea how many enrollees have suffered harm – especially serious harm. As important, no one knows how many enrollees have benefited from MyCare Ohio and, if so, in what ways.

We need to know NOW how MyCare Ohio is working and falling short, so that stakeholders – the state, managed care plans, providers, and consumers – can make mid-course corrections and improve it.

Ohio Consumer Voice for Integrated Care (OCVIC) has requested language and funding in the Biennial Budget - House Bill 64 -for an evaluation of MyCare Ohio conducted by an independent entity (an Ohio university with expertise in gerontology and long term care).

This would allow stakeholders and decision makers to adjust the program in real time and to address problems prior to determining the future of the program. We still have an opportunity to get this language in HB64 when House and Senate leaders go into Conference Committee. Please email or call your own legislator expressing support for adding an evaluation of MyCare Ohio inHB64. Click here to view a list of the Conference Committee Members with their number, their email, and their Legislative Aide.

Please call your Legislator NOW and urge him or her to add language into HB 64 requiring an Independent Evaluation of MyCare Ohio.

It’s simple.

  1. Dial their number and ask to speak to the legislative aide.
  2. Tell them you are a constituent of Senator/Representative_________.
  3. Ask them to let the Senator/Representative know you support the need for an Independent evaluation of MyCare Ohio.

Here's a sample message: An independent evaluation is critical for the success of MyCare Ohio. An evaluation will:

    • Determine if better care coordination across all settings exist. 
    • Determine if better care and better quality of life for dually eligible Ohioans who have received fragmented care is happening.
    • Adjust the program in real time to address problems and any service disruptions.

Click here to get your Legislator’s name and phone number.

If you have time, take a minute to send an email to and tell us anything you might have been told by the person with whom you spoke.

John E. Arnold
Project Manager, UHCAN Ohio