Oldest client helps advocacy efforts

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel with Hamilton County ESP client Pansy, 105 years old
Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel with Elderly Services Program client, Pansy, 105 years old.  Also pictured, Pansy's daughter, Yvonne, and COA Care Manager Jen Thompson.

At age 105, Pansy is COA’s oldest client on the Elderly Services Program. She lives with her daughter, Yvonne, and the two received a visit in September from Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel.

In our advocacy role, COA keeps elected officials informed about the status and needs of their older constituents.  There’s no better way to do that than by inviting officials to visit clients in their homes where they can hear all about it firsthand.

Monzel has visited numerous clients of the Hamilton County Elderly Services Program at the invitation of Polly Doran, COA’s Government Relations Manager.

Pansy enrolled in Hamilton County ESP in 2009, at the age of 99. She has an emergency response system and receives adult day services three days a week while Yvonne works. The two have lived together for about ten years.

“They have a beautiful yard,” said Pansy’s COA Care Manager Jen Thompson. “Pansy planted the flowers and took care of them until she was about 100. I’m told she was an amazing cook and famous for her sweet potato pie.”

The Elderly Services Program (Butler, Clinton, Hamilton, and Warren counties) currently has 35 clients who are age 100 or older.