Are you a service provider with MyCare Ohio questions? COA's website can be a starting point

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MyCare Ohio continues to challenge providers and plan members with its complexities. In our own new role as a MyCare provider, Council on Aging can sometimes help resolve issues, such as delays in provider payments, but often, the matter is not in our scope. Countless times, for example, we have helped providers sort out payment complications by tracking members who have changed plans or moved from PASSPORT to a MyCare Ohio plan. But other times, payment delays may be caused by issues we do not have the authority to resolve.

For new providers, new staff at provider organizations, or anyone who needs a MyCare Ohio overview, we have prepared information with links to state and health plan web sites, fact sheets, FAQ answers, contact numbers and the like. All this is available in the Provider section of our website on the MyCare Ohio Information for Providers page.

The page includes two documents you may find especially helpful:

Please check out the provider MyCare Ohio page and share with your staff! If you have suggestions for the page, please send them to us via our online contact form. Thanks!