Nursing Home Pre-Admission Review

Besides being a state and federal requirement for anyone thinking about entering a Medicaid-certified nursing facility, Pre-Admission Reviews are an important part of the long-term care planning process. They help people understand all their options for long-term care, options that may include home and community-based services and assisted living. At Council on Aging, our Pre-Admission Review Team (Pre-Ad) conducts more than 11,000 reviews each year.

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Resources for Hospital and Nursing Facility Staff

COA’s Pre-Ad team works with professionals from hospitals and nursing facilities to provide screening and review of required PASRR processes and Levels of Care (LOC) as stipulated in Federal Law and the Ohio Administrative Code.

This page provides information on PASRR and LOC processes, step-by-step processes for common scenarios, links to required forms, and updates to rules about nursing facility placement.

Ohio Department of Medicaid Contacts for Nursing Facilities

The following contact information has been provided by the Ohio Department of Medicaid for the purposes noted:

Contacting our Pre-Admission Review Team

By E-mail:

By Phone: (513) 345-8622
8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

By Fax:

How do I contact someone on the weekend or a holiday?

Extended coverage is offered by PASSPORT Administrative Agency 3 in Lima, Ohio.

  • The fax number is (419) 222-8262
  • You can fax your request from 4:30 p.m. on Friday until Saturday at midnight.
  • On holidays, there is a recorded message on (513) 345-8622 giving the holiday hours.